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Your Brain Is God
Timothy Leary

You are a God . . .

Timothy Leary and his psychedelic research team quickly discovered that being scientists—not even Harvard scientists—could shield them from the strong taboo against "brain-change." They discovered that hanging your brain and expanding your mind with magical plants is against the law. The brain has replaced the genitals as the forbidden organ that must not be touched or turned on by the owner.  Fortunately there is one loophole—the religious metaphor. While there is nothing in the Bill of Rights to protect scientific freedom, there is a First Amendment protection of Freedom of Religion. 

Live like one.

The moment of decision came during a wild all-night LSD session when Richard Alpert went up to Leary, eyes popping, and announced, "The East! We must go back to the wisdom of the East!" At first Leary was reluctant because, like many of us, he responded negatively to the word "God." Like Galileo and so many other scientists and philosophers before them, they were in uncharted territory.  So religion it would be! Only Timothy was insistent that there would be no kneeling down, no dogmas, no holy men, no followers, no churches, no public worship, and no financial offerings.

L ive your highest vision.

YOUR BRAIN IS GOD is Leary’s summa theology.  It is an activist, do-it-yourself theology. As a kind of scientific paganism, God is defined in terms of the technologies involved in creating the universe and engineering the eight stages of evolution, which he called the Eight Crafts of God. The ritual use of sacraments—LSD and essences of entheogenic plants—accelerates activating the divinity within and experiencing the eight crafts. 

YOUR BRAIN IS GOD tells how to:

Prepare for a session 
Embrace ego loss
Handle physical symptoms
Imprint the Taoist experience
Evaluate psychedelic "experts"
Be a psychedelic guide 
Enjoy psychedelic prayers
Turn on, turn in, drop out

Grow with the flow.

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