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Youth Extension A to Z
by Dr. Beverly Potter


Being youthful goes deeper than just appearing younger than your years.  Growing old is inevitable; living old, however, is a choice. While we cannot stop time from passing, we can slow aging by our lifestyle and actions. We want to look good, with beautiful, glowing, youthful skin, the vitality we had in our twenties and thirties, and the capability to enjoy life to its fullest. Youth Extension A to Z is about living young, regardless of the number of years you have under your belt.

Youth is fluid, rather than fixed. It is the absence of fixed decisions. It is changeable, impetuous, spontaneous, uninhibited, and risk-taking. Youth is playful, silly, and bouncy. It is a time filled with possibilities and dreams. Youth has a spirit of adventure, of joy, by a kind of impetuosity, often by easily aroused enthusiasm, a carefree confidence, an exuberance that seems to indicate inexhaustible strength.

Aging, by contrast, saps strength and ability to enjoy life. It cripples and eventually kills. To be “old” is someone who has succumbed to the problems related to age.  Staying young while growing old begins with the mind. The old adage, “You’re as young as you think” is surprisingly true, a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy because much of the way that we live comes from our mental attitude. Think young to live younger longer. Get in touch with your inner teenager. Greet each day, regardless of the weather, with wonder. Use your mind for constructive things, such as mentoring someone, doing volunteer work. Set a goal for each day. Clean the garbage out of your mind.

Youth Extension A to Z explores the multitude of ways that you can extend youthfulness—a smorgasbord of possibilities to sample. Some you will already be doing, others will be new to you. You will resonate with some; others you’ll pass by. This is a beginning, a launching of new possibilities, new horizons, a renewal of abundance and exuberance for living.