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High Performance Goal Setting
Using Intuition to 
Conceive & Achieve 
Your Dreams

Dr. Beverly Potter

For the person who knows how to set goals and achieve them but wonders which goals—where do I want to go—really?

Have you struggled to achieve a goals only to find you’ve gotten to where you don’t want to be?

Do you drive yourself towards your goals and whip yourself for setbacks?

Do you shudder inwardly when asked to state your goals?

Stop Fighting Yourself!

Transform goal setting from an imposing demand hanging over you into an opportunity to begin a journey—an adventure. 

High Performance Goal Setting
tells how to engage intuition—your wisdom—your inner knowing—to guide you in setting goals that resonate with your values and dreams. Poorly fitting goals are like shoes that pinch your toes and hobble you so that you can get nowhere. Powerful goals that fit like a comfortable shoe and make for a joyful journey to where you want to be.

High Performance Goal Setting
shares secrets of setting compelling goals—goals that pull you toward them like a powerful magnet would. You can be a high performer and accomplish more when you don’t have to fight yourself to achieve your goals. Goals that engage your intuitive mind—your deeper knowing—create a synergistic process in which most of what you do feeds into accomplishing your goals naturally—without an inner battle.


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