by Rev. Richard Emmanuel

Back to the Future / 1517/ Martin Luther Returns
Any serious person investigating or searching the origins of religious movements throughout human history must read this indictment of cult practices in the formation of the early Roman Church . The information is correct and verifiable. David C.A. Hillman at great risk to his academic standing has the courage to tell the truth.

This book presents a challenge to all Religious Scholars who know from their own investigations into the origins of human consciousness the importance of this indictment and the need for open discussion. "Original Sin" must be brought into the general populace to understand why the Three Great Western Religions are at "War" to see "Who" will be first to "End the World". . .

Remember . . . "There is No Greater Tragedy Than the Truth."

by Karen Tate

Courageously Exposing the Truth of Christianity
Dr. David Hillman has gone to original sources of the time to expose the early teachings and practices of Christianity. No doubt many Christians will find this disturbing because they haven't read their own history, or would rather forget. Dr. Hillman, however, in his ability to read ancient Greek, does not have to rely on propaganda or Christian translations to know what the ancients said about what was going on during the time early Christianity forcefully forced themselves upon the ancient Pagan world and sent the world into the Dark Ages. Like it or not, let us at least know the truth of the times. Time we drop the illusions.

by Michelle - "Nubian Goddess"

Jaw Dropping
Dr Hillman has blown the lid off the origins of religion. this book is absolutely jaw dropping, I found myself shaking my head at the pure evils the church inflicted and still continues to inflict on children and adults to this day. a girlfriend of mine brought this book over my house and as I went through the book I immediately ordered a copy for myself. this book is a must for all who follow blindly behind religion, but sadly most will not read it because of their indoctrination into fear. I cannot espouse enough how the book exposes the evil that still persist today. religion and the patriarchal systems in my opinion is the single greatest evil on this planet that sent billions to their spiritual death.this explains why women are demonized in the bible and regulated to second class citizens who were responsible for the down fall of humanity. this is why in this 24,000 year sun cycle of the divine feminine the age of Aquarius, all secret societies and haters of the Mothers be exposed. the divine feminine has arisen once again, she is here to seek retribution against those who continue to disrespect the divine feminine, we are going to see in our life time the complete destruction of these wicked empires, the divine primordial mothers will restore balance back to this planet and put and end to the wanton greed and destruction of her peoples, animals and resources. we saw the recent scandals of Sandusky and Eddie Long and we sit back and wonder why pedophilia is so wide spread and supported, there has even been rumblings of soldiers being raped, this is a culture of wicked degenerates who prey on children in the name of some sick, twisted sacred rite. there is no excuse for the continued denial and fear driven propaganda that keep the slaves on the plantation of religion. until we as a human race begin to speak out against these atrocities being done against children in the name of religion, these predators will continue to walk among us freely, having no fear of retribution for their evil acts. I thank Dr Hillman for the great eye opening work, this confirms the anger I felt as a child being forced to go to church and seeing these wicked fiendish demons, try to cloak themselves to appear holy and pious, I knew I wasn't crazy. this should be required reading for every human on this planet. I will certainly make sure its a required readings in my circle.