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Dave Alan the NightHawk

Citing examples in myths, medicine, and literature, Dr. D.C.A. Hillman shows how drugs have influenced and inspired the artists, philosophers, and even politicians whose ideas have formed the basis for civilization as we know it. Many of these ancient texts may seem well-known, but Hillman shows how timid, prudish translations have left scholars and readers in the dark about the reality of drug use in the Classical World

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David Hillman
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Drug Use and Western Civilization

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Classical Drug Use: Greek & Roman Drug Freedom

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Sexual Depravity
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Sex, Drugs
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Dr. David Hillman

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Original Sin
Ritual Child Rape & The Church
by Dr. David Hillman

Antiquity is laden with mysteries, including sexual activities among priest considered "sacred" and kept secret. Classicist Dr. Hillman has uncovered secrets that those in power wish never to be revealed, including the role of drugs in the evolution of Western Civilization, which was so shocking that his dissertation committee refused to grant his PhD unless he deleted the material. Reluctantly he did so—but later he published those secrets in the Chemical Muse.

In Original Sin, Hillman reveals mysteries even more shocking to The Establishment. Christian priests "cleansed" young boys
of non-Christian influences—demons—through exorcism or a ceremony of ritual child rape. The hidden purpose was to break the firm hold of pagan priests on the political machinery of the Roman empire. While ritualized child abuse was openly condemned by the pagan world, it was actively defended by prominent bishops and elders of the church. These Christian sexual “mysteries” were a successful tool used in the process of evangelizing and proselytizing the non-Christian masses of the Roman empire. 

For early Christians, submission was the rule, and exorcist priests were granted overwhelming authority that included the right to cast out demons by means of molestation and sodomy. Whatever the theological and psychological justification for violent acts perpetrated by priests, child rape persisted within the early church and ultimately became a symbol of the overwhelming might of Christian political power.

Original Sin shows the sex, drugs and violence behind the rise of Christian power in Rome. Ritual rape performed by specialist priests known as “exorcists” illustrates the drastic changes that took place as western civilization moved from a classical model of government to a Christian paradigm. In Original Sin, the voices of antiquity speak for themselves; providing generous, but succinct quotes from the Ancients.  Bishops who actively protected the "exorcisers" describe events.

Original Sin reveals eye-catching aspects of the ancient world to illustrate the transition from pagan political power to that of the Christian Roman empire. Descriptions of ancient sexual practices, drug use, or acts of violence are all taken directly from the ancient sources themselves, to stand on their own merit. Interpretation and analysis is minimal to allow the voices of the ancient world to speak to the Reader for themselves.



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