Our Mission

Ronin Publishing is a small press in Berkeley, California, publishing books as tools for personal development, visionary alternatives, and expanded consciousness.

Ronin translates "wave man" - ro = wave; nin (like ninja) = man. Ronin were the unindentured samurai who had no master and were threw onto the chaotic waves of change. Ronin became the change masters who surfed the waves. When feudalism collapsed in 1867, it was the Ronin who lead Japan into the modern world. Mitsubishi was founded by a ronin in 1870, and today is one of the largest and most powerful corporation in the world.
Ronin Books for Indpendent Minds provide readers with skills for surfing the waves of change. The Way of the Ronin: Riding the Waves of Change offers a career pathing strategy based on the premise of rapid, chaotic change. Surf the waves for career success and a satisfying life.