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The Politics of Self-Determination
Timothy Leary

The Politics of Self-Determination spotlights Timothy Leary's bedrock work that preceded LSD and "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out."

Even as a graduate student Leary pushed the envelope to develop a ground-breaking theory of personality that became a significant catalyst which sparked and shaped the human growth movement—"The New Age."

Rooted in interpersonal dynamics, Leary's personality theory postulates that we develop interpersonal reflexes to reduce anxiety.  These reflexes pull predictable responses from other people with whom they spend "space-time." Leary says "sickness rules"—when two people interact, the sicker person determines the relationship.

The Politics of Self-Determination shows Leary's views on personal freedom when he was a young psychologist and how they evolved and morphed by the end of his career. Nestled here and there are glimpses of the attitudes that propelled him and the strategies he used to get around the system to pursue his research.

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